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Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

PHOEBE PARKER is a photographer and filmmaker originally from the humid side of Texas. After more than a decade in Los Angeles working in film and television, Phoebe traveled to Portland, Maine in 2015 and found herself seduced by the beauty, adventure, and seasonal changes of the New England coast.

Though a silent love for photography had always been with her, Phoebe’s journey deeper into the art began in 2013 when, armed with her first DSLR, she traveled across three continents collecting images of people and places and developing a fondness for documentary street photography. Following a successful exhibition of her digital and film photographs from Cuba, two of Phoebe’s black and white silver gelatin prints were selected to be in a showing of exceptional student work at Maine College of Art’s annual Continuing Studies show.

A graduate of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies at MECA, Phoebe’s first short film, Nat Bell, Logger, profiles an independent logger in Maine and his commitment to sustainable forestry practices. She has created a number of videos and images for the Kennebec Land Trust and also a short film about a girls mountain biking camp, Fly Girls, that won the audience award in a competition held by the Maine Outdoor Film Festival. From her Artist’s Statement:

“ I’ve long been fascinated by the past, intrigued and delighted by how our stories today are both similar and different from those who lived fifty, two hundred, a thousand years ago. Traveling taught me that the daily lives of people and landscapes around the world may look utterly foreign on the surface, but that a closer examination reveals humanity is united in its struggles and needs, in the buoyancy of joy, in the comfort of what is familiar, in the weight of sorrow. My hope is for my photos and films to show a subject from a new perspective, be it physical or philosophical, and essentially create a little more openness in the mind or in the heart. My images are an invitation into a world that is in need of more empathy and compassion. My work is meant to seed that. “

When not shooting or editing, Phoebe enjoys taking fun classes, acting in plays, cooking delicious vegetarian meals, and spending time in nature fumbling through another new-to-her outdoor activity. She currently lives in Portland, Maine with her partner Brian and a rad dog named Arrow.

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